Lost Glacier Signs Digital Afterlife

Interview with

Paul & Greg

from Digital


Congrats on signing to Lost Glacier Records. How exciting is that for Digital Afterlife?  

– Excited to be working with the Lost Glacier team! We’ve been doing everything ourselves for about the past 10 years, and are so stoked to have this newest release picked up by such a great label. 

What do you feel makes DA different from other bands? 

– We are based in the industrial/electronic realm, but the tracks include many compositional ideas from modern classical music, as well as incorporating instruments like flute, trumpet, saxes, and trombones. When possible, we perform as a 10-piece ensemble with 8 members performing our brass and woodwind backing arrangements.

– The current line up includes:

Paul Burt – Production/Arranging, Synths, Bass Trombone

Greg Burt – Vocals, Keys …Typewriter?, Not a French Horn?

Luis Felipe Blanco – Bass, Alto Sax

Steve Stinson – Drums

– live brass/woodwinds section:

 Kimberly Saben – Baritone Sax | Chelsea Sieczkarek – Tenor Sax | Jon Poczciwinski – Alto Sax | Arrow Fitzgibbon – Horn | Mike Cirrito – Trumpet | Caryn Gunderson – Flute

What were some of the obstacles the band has faced over the years? Seems like things are starting to come together for you. 

– After performing for a few years as a duo Paul moved to Florida for a 3 years while Greg was still living in Buffalo, so Digital Afterlife was not very active during that time. When Paul moved back to Buffalo, NY, things picked back up and a full band was formed, recruiting Steve and Luis, and later incorporating the horns. We still occasionally perform some tracks written back while we played as a duo. 

Tell us about the new EP? 

– This is the first release to feature the horns that have been added to Digital Afterlife, which adds so much more to our sound. Paul and Luis recorded all of the brass/woodwind parts for the album on real instruments, not just played on a keyboard! A couple songs (Destruction Hide & Amount) have been on earlier DIY releases but are re-done here. The rest are brand new! 

Are there any tours in the works? Where are you most excited to play if and when live shows resume? 

– With the COVID-19 Crisis, we haven’t really been booking new shows since many places don’t know how long concert venues will be closed or limited. We are still scheduled to perform at Muttonfest and other shows that have been rescheduled to the fall of 2020, and will be hopping on a few streaming festivals until then.

Can you tell us any interesting stories from the road? 

– We played a fashion show in Alliance, OH where we were booked to perform after the fashion part was finished. There were about 100 people there for the fashion show, but only about 10 by the time we started performing, lol. We also played with Green Jello in Mansfield, OH which is always a wild time.

Around Buffalo we have played shows at some really interesting locations around the city, such as inside an abandoned grain silo. Why not? There was also that time we were thrown on Warped Tour 2018 at the last minute for the Darien Lake stop. 

What can we expect from DA in the future? 

– We’ll be performing all over and continuing to work on more new music as well! Most of our members also have other projects that they are working on new stuff with including: Optic Oppression, The Finality Complex, Third Realm, & The Best Strangers.

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