LGR Signs The Number H

with Lizz
The Number H

Pre order The Number H “Distraction” EP here

Congrats on signing to Lost Glacier Records. How exciting is that for The Number H?

Thank you!  This is incredibly exciting and a big step for me as a new artist. I’m very happy to be with a record label that believes in my work and supports my artistic journey.

Seems like things are starting to come together for you. Can you tell us about your debut EP “Distraction?

The new EP Distraction is coming along very nicely and will be out on Oct. 26th. I’m very proud of it and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.   You may find some familiar sounds used in unfamilar ways and I feel like it gives a new twist to some very timeless human feelings. 

What do you feel makes TNH different from other acts?

I’ve been harvesting sounds that I encounter in my daily life that I find intriguing paired with a word, phrase, or feeling and using them to inspire and guide the formation of a song.   My exploration into music started as a coping mechanism and has blossomed into something I wish to share with others because I know what I’m going through and what I feel isn’t unique to me.

 What were some of the obstacles that you have faced over the years?

The most serious obstacle I faced in the past few years was escaping a heavily abusive relationship. It’s ongoing and quite the painful process.  I had lost myself for quite some time and have found that I have been able to explore some of my most complicated emotions though music and it has been very therapeutic for me.

Where are you most excited to play if and when live shows resume?

At this point I haven’t thought about putting together a live act but that is definitely something to consider in the future! But I definitely can’t wait to support the scene and other live acts once live shows resume! 

Can you tell us any interesting stories?

Sure, I shook Bill Nye’s hand once and it was one of the greatest moments of my life. He told me to “change the world”.  I’m not sure releasing music was what he meant, but we are going to roll with it.

 What can we expect from TNH in the future?

You can expect me to continue to use interesting base material as launchpads for songs and you may see some of yourself and some of your feelings in the songs – and I hope that if you do it helps you to heal as well.