The Russian White release Erosion Remixes on 1st anniversary of The Haunted Beach

Erosion – The Haunted Beach Remixes | The Russian White

The Russian White celebrate the 1st anniversary of The Haunted Beach with Erosion due out Oct. 13th on Lost Glacier Records. Erosion is a collection of remixes stripped down to their electronic bones and short circuited into something darkly profound. 

When we wrote The Haunted Beach, it was a long arduous process over 4+ years. We wanted to make the absolute best album we could combining Synthwave, Electronic and Industrial. There was a lot of exploring different effects and trying new techniques in regards to how we wrote songs. The result of that effort shows in the quality and attention to detail we put into it. Now a year later, and five years after we first started writing that material, we decided to let some friends remix it. 

Giving our peers creative free reign over our material was something I wasn’t sure we were ready for. The unknown can be severely unnerving at times. But after the remixes started rolling in, it was obvious how much time and love went into these new remixes.  It’s been a humbling experience getting to work with so many talented acts. 

Erosion Track List  

  1. Vinyl (Blak Vinyl) by Moris Blak 
  2. Night Mover by Panic Lift 
  3. Valley Grey by Big Time Kill 
  4. Hotels (The Presidential Suite) by The Lonely Death 
  5. Polaroids by Fires 
  6. Pink Roses (The Dial Tone Mix) by Silver Walks 
  7. Night Mover by Wavepeak 
  8. Mansions (Black Lodge Mix) by Sawtooth
  9. Dhyana by Future Holotape 
  10. Mansions by Komrads 
  11. Alpine Lush by Digital Afterlife 
  12. Lavender by The Purge 
  13. The Augurist by Sound VVitch